Aboriginal People in Trades


Meet Aboriginal people who are making their mark in the trades with good jobs, good pay, and leadership roles.

Devin Cassidy
Getting hands-on heavy equipment operator experience

Rivers Stonechild
Metal Fabrication. You are never too old to change your career.

Jordan Atlin
Building welding skills.

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ITA’s Aboriginal Initiatives support and assure an industry training system in BC that services Aboriginal people with supported and unobstructed access to opportunities and success in apprenticeships and the skilled trades. ITA has released an Aboriginal Skills Training Plan 2015-18 to remove barriers and to increase the number of Aboriginal People in the skilled trades.

There's never been a better time for Aboriginal women and men to enter the skilled trades. There are more than 100 trades apprenticeship programs in BC

Certified, skilled trades people are in high demand. And there are good skilled trades jobs in every corner of the province. If you want to build your career in the heart of a city, or work close to your First Nations community, chances are, there's a skilled trades job that's right for you.

ITA Sponsored Training

Aboriginal InitiativesITA partners with the Aboriginal community, training providers and industry to sponsor several entry-level trades programs, with funding from the Canada-BC Job Fund Agreement (CJF). Find out if you are eligible for a program near you.


Aboriginal Employment and Training Service Providers

At ITA, we're working with local Aboriginal organizations, employment and training centres, industry and the Government of Canada to help Aboriginal people prepare for success in the trades.

Aboriginal Advisory Council

Our Aboriginal Advisory Council is a valued source of wisdom and guidance.

For general inquiries please contact aboriginalinitiatives@itabc.ca