Construction Associations

The Construction Associations Sector Advisory Group was formed to ensure the breadth of this industry was addressed. The Construction Employers Sector Advisory Group represents employer sponsors, journeypersons and apprentices. The Construction Sector Association Advisory Group represents the broader associations’ views.

  1. BC Association for Crane Safety
  2. BC Construction Association
  3. BC Insulation Contractors Association
  4. BC Road Builders & Heavy Construction Associations
  5. BC Sheet Metal Association
  6. BC Wall & Ceiling Association
  7. Canadian Masonry Contractors Association of BC
  8. Construction Labour Relations Association of BC
  9. Electrical Contractors Association
  10. Mechanical Contractors Association
  11. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association of BC
  12. Roofing Contractors Association
  13. Independent Contractors Business Association
  14. Progressive Contractors Association
  15. Canadian Home Builders Association of BC
  16. Line Contractors Association of BC
  17. Fenestration Association of BC