Annual Reports

Annual Service Plan Report

ITA Annual Service Plan Report 2015/16 documents our performance against measures set out in the previous year’s Service Plan. The Annual Report also provides detailed information on ITA’s programs, activities and finances. It’s been another very busy year at ITA and we continue working on improvements in the trades training system guided by the policies and recommendations outlined in B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint and the McDonald Report. We continue our progress towards building a world class apprenticeship system for British Columbians.

Over the past year, ITA has achieved significant progress in the following areas:
  • The number of credentials issued increased by 1.7% to 7,640
  • Added a Manager of Apprenticeship Completions that helped 1,000 people gain certification last year
  • Facilitated innovation with an innovation consultation, and an Innovation Forum that resulted in ITA investing $1.2M in innovation pilots that will begin in September 2016
  • Participated in the pan-Canadian Harmonization efforts to harmonize 30 Red Seal Trades across Canada by 2020
  • Implemented the pan-Canadian Apprenticeship Mobility Protocol and
  • Refreshed our Youth Programs to create more opportunities for discovering, exploring and learning trades skills in K-12
  • Transitioned to the Canada Jobs Fund which targets under-represented groups (Aboriginals, Immigrants, Women, Youth)