Fees and Payment

Almost all of ITA’s apprenticeship services are free, but you will have to pay a fee for the third time you write or re-schedule exams.

You must pay these exam fees in advance.

Payments and Fees

Certificate of Qualification or Red Seal Final Exams

Third & Subsequent Exam Write

$100 fee
  • Scheduled by ITA for the same Certificate of Qualifications or Red Seal Exam
  • This is your third or subsequent time scheduling a Certificate of Qualification exam that you have been approved to challenge

Challenge Exam Application

$120 fee
  • Challenging a Certificate of Qualification
  • Challenging a Red Seal Exam

Level Exams

Rewrite Level Exam

$50 fee

Apply for those who have written or scheduled the same level exam on two previous occasions.

Other fees

Replace Documents

$35 fee

Replace any of the following (fee is per piece of documentation)

  • Certificate
  • Wallet Card
  • Log Book

Refund Requests

Refunds are not automatically issued when an application for a service or exam is withdrawn or for any other reason. You must request a refund in writing or by email.