Holders of a Military Trade Certification

If you can show proof of a Military Trade Certification, with proof of a Military ranking at QL5 or higher, you can provide this in lieu of completing a Certification Challenge Package. This applies for specific trades only (see table below).

Please provide the following documents:

There is no assessment fee required.

Note: Where a Military Trade correlates to more than one Red Seal trade the applicant will only be approved to write the IP examination for ONE of the Red Seal trades. Multiple Red Seal Certifications against a single Military Trade is not an option.

  MT# Military Trade Red Seal Trade
1 367/313 Marine Engineer / Marine Engineering Technician 1. Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
2. Machinist
2 125/331/332

Electrical Technician / Marine Electrician

Industrial Electrician
3 129/411 Vehicle Technician 1. Automotive Service Technician
2. Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
3. Truck and Transport Mechanic
4 134/441 Material Technician Welder
5 301/641 Refrigeration and Mechanical Technician Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
6 302/642 Electrical Distribution Technician Construction Electrician
7 304/646 Plumbing and Heating Technician 1. Plumber
2. Oil Heat System Technician
8 306/648 Construction Technician Carpenter
9 164/861 Cook Cook