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Illegal drug-related overdoses and deaths are a serious concern across the country.  In British Columbia, public health officials, front-line health providers, first responders, the BC Coroners Service and law enforcement are taking a comprehensive approach to address this crisis and prevent future tragedies.

The data is clear: opioid overdoses do not discriminate. With multiple populations in all corners of the province at risk, the response to this crisis must be comprehensive; everyone in the province has a role to play.

Find Treatment & Support Services Across BC 

Click to a map that lists all mental health and substance use services provided by the provincial government, provincial health authorities, and non-profit agencies across British Columbia. Search for supports in your community such as: Intake, Substance Use/Drug Use Services, Counselling, Mental Health supports, Crisis Intervention, Talklines, or even Peer-to-Peer support.

Combatting Stigma across B.C.

Health authorities around the province are working to reduce stigma and helping to prevent overdoses by highlighting stories about the impact of negative stereotypes.

  • First Nations Health Authority: Drug Use is a Health Issue, Not a Moral Issue
    A message by Dr. Evan Adams, Chief Medical Officer at the First Nations Health Authority.
  • Northern Health: Stop Stigma. Save Lives
    Read stories from people with lived experience to gain more insight into the lives of those affected to help contribute to a society where all people live with dignity and respect.
  • Fraser Health: Compassion Matters
    Fraser Health has created a series of stories about how compassion has positively influenced people who have been greatly impacted by the overdose crisis.
  • Island Health: Compassion as a Guiding Action
    Compassionate response to substance use opens doors by encouraging acceptance and safety.
  • First Nations Health Authority: Embracing the Grey Area: Harm Reduction in a Community Context
    Grand Chief Doug Kelly, Chair, First Nations Health Council encourages harm reduction among the youth in his communities.

Find out more about reducing stigma