3-Year Strategic Plan

Transforming the skilled trades

ITA's 3-Year Strategic Plan

Over the past three years, ITA has made fundamental changes which have dramatically shifted the trades training landscape in BC. ITA has transformed its relationship with industry, linking labour market research and gathering meaningful industry input to ensure evidence-based investment.

Our strong industry reach has been further deepened through the work of our Industry Relations team and by engaging industry subject-matter experts in all ITA program development activities. Our customer service has been enhanced with on-the-ground support from fifteen new regional Apprenticeship Advisors, including special advisors who focus on helping Aboriginal apprentices. Our efforts have enabled us to deepen connections with trades training stakeholders, and provide crucial supports for apprentices.

In partnership with the Government of BC and on direction set for ITA, we are building on these successes with our new 3-Year Strategic Plan.  

IF WE...

  • Engage industry with a focus on innovation and collaboration to continuously improve the quality of BC’s trades training system;
  • Support apprentices and teach employer sponsors about the value of apprenticeship; and
  • Ensure the trades training system is responsive and evolving…


  • BC’s apprenticeship system will flourish; 
  • Participation in the trades will increase and barriers will erode; 
  • Apprentices and employer sponsors will have access to increased opportunities that align with industry needs; and 
  • BC’s economy will thrive.