Goal 1

Our goal is continuous improvement in the quality of the trades training system for apprentices and employers. We will continually engage with industry to identify opportunities for improvement in program design and delivery; deliver better youth training programs that seamlessly integrate into apprenticeship; create better trade-specific information available to apprentices and employer-sponsors; and make better use of our existing data to identify issues in the training system.


  • Focus on customers
  • Enhance customer support
  • Improve apprentice tracking and outreach
  • Measure satisfaction & identify areas for improvement
  • Report on quality & effectiveness


  • Increased access to information for apprentices and employer-sponsors to better manage apprenticeship
  • Expanded programs for youth to discover, explore, train and work in trades to improve success and provide a better transition into apprenticeship
  • Enhanced levels of satisfaction from apprentices and sponsors for training received, and better information to training system partners to identify areas for improvement