Williams Lake - Elementary Focused

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These elementary students had a true hands-on experience, as they were able to complete several projects in each trade they encountered.  This ambitious event also brought Industry participation in the form of extra funds, materials or personnel to assist in the day.  Students were continuously touching, operating, handling and problem solving.  Proper safety equipment, hair ties, hearing and eye protection was provided for all.  Students went trade shop to trades shop at both their high school and TRU facilities and experienced several different activities.

Vancouver School District - High School Focused

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An inspiring event where successful trades alumni gave individual presentations, followed by a panel style question and answer session, to an audience of grade 10 students and their teachers.  Trades Alumni spoke about their experiences along this career pathway from making an initial decision to pursue a trade up until their present day lifestyle and career growth.  Afterwards, the speakers made themselves available to talk to students individually. There were also a variety of trades booths and displays to explore and interact with.

Dawson Creek - Elementary Focused

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These elementary students applied project based learning and design thinking as they interviewed younger primary students, developed prototypes, marketed and presented their ideas, learned about budgeting, driver’s safety, and team work.  They then built and raced their go-carts, as a team. There was much excitement and an entrepreneurial spirit to this event.

North Vancouver - High School & Parent Focused

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This event for high school students and an accompanying family member, captured an important element of parents participating in career conversations.  High school students were prepared in how to conduct informational interviews with professionals and were given anywhere from three to five interviews out of 50 possible careers to explore.  A speed dating, evening format allowed a parent and student to attend an interview together, with strict guidelines around parent involvement.  Combine all of that with a great key note, great marketing, and good organization, and this district received


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