Meet real women who are finding their career fit in the trades. 

Cathy was a 34 year old stay-at-home mom of five who had never considered a job in the trades. Now she is a first year apprentice plumber. More...

Nicole was looking for something to challenge her mentally and physically. More...

Mila. 22-year-old Mila Puharich was practically born to work in the trades. More...

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A woman's place is in the trades. Today, the door is open to women in every BC trades career. You've got great trade career choices – from carpentry and plumbing to aerospace and horticulture. Women are finding challenges, job satisfaction and good pay in the skilled trades.

Two easy steps to enrol in the program:

  1. See if you meet the Eligibility Requirments 
  2. If you do, contact our helpful Service Providers to find a program that suits you

Why choose the trades?

  • Money:
    The average wage of a tradesperson is double that of a retail job. Step into the trades, and up to a good paycheck.
  • Opportunity:
    Skilled trades people are in demand. There's a shortage of skilled workers – which means jobs and opportunities for women with trades training, skills and certification.
  • Satisfaction:
    Tradeswomen report high levels of job satisfaction and increased confidence.

Find out more about ITA's Women in Trades Training initiative.

The ITA Women in Trades Training initiative is part of a long-term strategy to match women's skills to the needs of BC's workplace. ITA's Women in Trades Training is funded through the Canada-British Columbia Job Fund Agreement (CJF).

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Employers: Sponsoring a woman apprentice through ITA’s Women in Trades Training initiative is a smart way to secure the right employee and prepare for future labour demands. Learn more.