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Connect Youth with Trades


ITA has a huge stash of pedagogical resources available for Educators who want to teach their students about what a trade is and spark a student’s interest in trades.

For program-specific resources, see the Program Resources section.

To help students explore various trades, try out our trade finder tool:

Trade Finder Tool

Educators Pack

One of the most comprehensive print resources we have is the Trades Guide! This guide can be used to help students and is an inspiring and practical resource full of useful tips and information that you can share with them. In addition, the Trades Guide Learning Supplement provides activities to get students talking about trades.

2016-tg-cover2016 ITA Trades Guide PDF 6MB


Trades Guide Edition 3
2016 Learning Supplement
Presentation Deck
2016 Worksheets
Trades Guide Brochure
2016-tg-cover22016 ITA Trades Guide PDF 4.2MB

Educators Pack 2016

Trades Guide Edition 2
2016 Learning Supplement
2016 Worksheets
2015-tg-cover2015 ITA Trades Guide PDF 4.2MB

Educators Pack 2015

Trades Guide Edition 1
2015 Learning Supplement
2015 Worksheets

Info Sheets


What is a Trade? Handout

A 2-sided colour handout that defines a trade, explains the trade apprenticeship, and a full trades listing.


Youth Programs Handout

A 2-sided colour handout that explores ITA’s Youth Program Streams and answers the question “Why Choose Trades?”


Youth Employer Sponsor Handout

A 2-sided colour handout that answers the question “Why become an Employer Sponsor?” Send this to a company that might be a good fit for your students.


Trade Stories from the Field

Multi-page colour booklet featuring interviews with youth apprentices, program news, and local school contact info.