About the Trades

From construction to cooking and from mechanics to plumbing there are more than 100 trade apprenticeships in B.C.

As an apprentice you’ll learn your trade through a combination of paid on-the-job experience and classroom time.

There are organizations across B.C. that help Aboriginal people to learn a trade.

Having essential skills means better jobs and pay

Apprentices with good essential skills such as reading, math and knowing how to read workplace documents are more likely to pass their exams and less likely to be hurt on the job. They can look forward to greater lifetime earnings and promotion opportunities.

Employers also benefit when their workers have strong essential skills. Workers are more productive and have fewer accidents. It is estimated that for every dollar invested in essential skills training, the return to an employer is $26 to $33.

ITA Essential Skills is a free online tool to help people develop the foundation skills they need to succeed at training and work. The tool provides the essential skills requirements for many trades, allowing them to compare the skills they have with those they need. Participants can work at their own pace to develop the skills necessary to succeed in a trades training program. ITA Essential Skills is available at www.ita.essentialskillsgroup.com.