Pathways to Apprenticeship

Not sure how to go about getting an apprenticeship? ITA can help. Whether you’re still in high school or more advanced in your career, you have a number of options for getting started on your path to a skilled trade.

Start your apprenticeship during high school

Did you know that you can jump start your trade career AND get credit toward your high school diploma? ITA offers several programs designed for young people interested in getting an apprenticeship. Best of all, your first year of post-secondary training is free, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship!

Pre-apprenticeship Training

In foundation programs, you can learn the skills employers look for when hiring apprentices. These programs can also shorten the time it takes to complete your apprenticeship.

Credit for prior learning and work experience

Do you have related experience from a previous job or training from another province? It may count toward your apprenticeship.

If you already work in a trade, you may choose to take a challenge exam, which allows you to skip levels of technical training.

Ready to start your apprenticeship?

Do you have a trade in mind, or an employer that would like to sponsor you?