3-Year Strategic Plan

Download ITA's 3-Year Strategic Plan

ITA’s three-year Strategic Plan builds on its current 2019/20 - 2021/22 plan and is integral to ITA’s vision to create an inclusive, world-class training and apprenticeship system that meets the needs of British Columbians.

Build diversity in skilled trades professions Enhance access to information and support Innovate for the future trades workforce With key partners, increase system performance

ITA considers the following when building and delivering on its strategic plan:

Government Priorities

ITA’s Strategic Plan aligns with government priorities:

  • making life more affordable
  • delivering the services people can count on
  • building a strong and sustainable economy that supports jobs throughout the province

It also reflects government’s commitment to true and lasting reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. 

Operating Environment

  • the province’s expected supply and demand for skilled trades professionals
  • the bias towards university degrees compared to trades credentials
  • BC's diverse population compared to current skilled trades participants
  • evolving technology
  • the needs of industry
  • new and emerging occupations created through BC's clean energy strategy


ITA leads B.C.’s trades training and apprenticeship system in partnership with government, industry, employer sponsors, training providers, Indigenous communities and school districts.  ITA values the strengths each of these partners bring to the system and the supports they provide to apprentices and ITA.


Goal 1

B.C. has an inclusive trades training and apprenticeship system that reflects our diverse population.

  • Lead the cultural and behavioural change needed in skilled trades to remove barriers for underrepresented groups
  • Strengthen ITA supports and initiatives to attract, retain and ensure successful outcomes for underrepresented groups.
  • Promote skilled trades professions as well-paying, high opportunity career choices.
  • Build partnerships with organizations that will further advance inclusion in skilled trades professions.


  • Increase of women entering into underrepresented trades apprenticeships
  • Increase of Indigenous peoples entering into apprenticeships 
  • Increase the proportionality of women in underrepresented trades
  • Increase the proportionality of Indigenous peoples in apprenticeships


Goal 2

Apprentices and employers have the information and support they need for success​

  • Increase ITA’s regional presence to ensure apprentices have the assistance they need to complete their apprenticeship.
  • Help employers find and retain apprentices to build their workforce.
  • Develop initiatives that directly support female and Indigenous apprentices so they can prosper from a career in the skilled trades.
  • Support initiatives that require Community Benefits Agreements including through the promotion of opportunities in the skilled trades. 
  • Connect youth and industry, building youth’s knowledge of high opportunity careers within skilled trades and increase employers’ access to B.C.’s future skilled trades workers.  


  • Increase the number of Certificates of Qualification issued
  • Increase the number of Certificates of Qualification issued to women
  • Increase the number of Certificates of Qualification issued to Indigenous peoples 
  • Increase of youth participating in skilled trades

Goal 3

B.C.’s trades training and apprenticeship system is innovative to support changes in technology and our future learners.​

  • Implement technology that offers apprentices and employers the information they need for success. 
  •  Build partnerships with training providers and employers to advance innovative training to meet the needs of learners and industry.
  • Work with partners to identify efficiencies within the trades training and apprenticeship system to improve training for system learners.


  • Credential holder satisfaction with ITA credentials
  • Employer satisfaction with ITA credentials
  • Employer sponsor satisfaction with ITA support
  • Apprentice satisfaction with ITA support

Goal 4

B.C.’s trades training and apprenticeship system has transparent and comprehensive information to support its learners and partners in their decision making.​

  • Create a performance management framework to increase evidence-based decision making.
  • Increase publicly available data on B.C.’s trades training and apprenticeship system. 





  • The framework will establish new or modify existing system measures


Download ITA's 3-Year Strategic Plan