The Mentorship Project

The Mentorship Project pilots finished at the three school districts on May 23, 2014:

  1.  Vancouver
  2.  Coast Mountain
  3.  North Okanagan/Shuswap area


The model of mentorship that met with the most success involved monthly group mentorship circles where mentors and mentees met over facilitator-led conversations and dinner.  

Conversational topics of interest to the apprentice’s were:  career information about the trade, understanding how the trade might be different in particular industries, learning how to make an action plan, communication skills, job search methods and how to conduct a job interview.

For Mentors the group conversations also paid off, with several mentors stating that they also learned a great deal from each other on how to ask good questions, show good listening skills and develop greater patience in working with young people.  Both groups attended an initial session which covered training and information about mentorship.

Moving Forward

The Mentorship Project pilots are currently being evaluated and best practises for moving forward will be decided upon.  We hope to move forward with an expansion in 2015.

Comments from Mentees

  • I have learned new skills and obtained new trades knowledge which has helped me understand what I need to do in order to success.
  • Getting a sponsor is the most valuable topic to speak about and will help me in the future to organize what I need to do.
  • I think everything we’ve learned with the Mentorship Project has all been valuable information because before this program I didn’t really know if I was going in the right direction.  Mentors have reassured me I am going in the right direction and I have a good plan.  Mentor set up good work experiences for our school, as well.

Comments from Mentors

  • Being probably one of the younger mentors, the experience of learning from other mentors and what a mentee may expect from you, is a welcome practise.  I am learning a lot about myself and (developing) patience in understanding the mentees and what they need.
  • Listening and empathizing skills are better now. I find that I am applying that in my workplace all the time.  I am less prone to “jumping in to give advice” and more patient and interested in finding out what they really need.
  • Understanding how to be more accommodating and accepting and patient with this generation. Having group discussion and brainstorming was helpful. 

Photos and Video

View photos from the Mentorship Project on Flickr!

Watch a video about the Mentorship Project 

Thank you

The Mentorship Project would like to thank the following businesses for taking part.

Vancouver Lower Mainland region

  • Doreen Wong: VCC
  • Ailin Wong: VSB
  • Kevin Chiang: Formerly of BMW, Currently at Royal Le Page Realty
  • Dave Cross: VCC
  • Larry Nagalingam: TQ Cook
  • Darren Clay: PICA
  • Timothy Budd: AI
  • Corbin Venida: VSB
  • Poincianna Johnson: Professional Cook
  • Bruno Feldeisen: Four Seasons Vancouver
  • Fionna Chong: VCC
  • Rachel Bennett: Whole Foods
  • John Zimmermann: Lafarge
  • Hal Andrews: Contech Construction
  • Ian Smythe: Allstar Mechanical
  • Marco Wong: VSB
  • Edward Beckett: VSB
  • Daniel Geddes: Marine Cladding
  • Ken Korsch: VSB
  • Gary Herman: ITA
  • Rick Cahill: Seaspan
  • Louisa Robinson: WestJet
  • John Martinolich: VCC – Auto Collision Repair
  • Andy Russell: UBC – Auto Service Tech
  • Ed Domenco: UBC – Plumbing Mentor

Okanagan region

  • Dwayne Armstrong: All Phase Electric
  • Brian Gordey: Armstrong Collision
  • Kurtis Gordey: Armstrong Collision
  • Steve Reimer: BMP Millwork
  • Connor MacDonald: CMC Construction
  • Carmen Guidos: CSG Enterprises
  • Dan Smith: Dancor Electric
  • Corinna Smith: Dancor Electric
  • Dwain Jeffery: Eagle River Automotive
  • Tim Ingram: Fountain Tire
  • James MacDonald: Hilltop Toyota
  • Darwin Dwornik: Industrial Steel Fabrication
  • Dan Caterer: Kal Tire
  • Al Mojstrovich: Kal Tire
  • Gary Lebeter: Salmon Arm Secondary
  • Miles Minis: Milestones Fabrication
  • Laura Minis: Milestones Fabrication
  • Mike Gunn: Mitec Millwork
  • Mark Pennell: Salmon Arm Frame & Body
  • Steve Bennett: Salmon Arm Secondary
  • Dave Oikle: Shuswap Collision Center
  • Dale Townsend: Shuswap Collision Center
  • Terry Burke: Sunset Cove Marine & Grill
  • David Colombe: Table 24
  • Chelsey Tarnow: North Okanagan/Shuswap School District
  • Dave Shiner: Shuswap Chefs

Terrace Region

  • Fay Birch: CMSD – Electrician
  • Jamie Birch: CMSD – Plumber
  • Joe Cordeiro: Airport, Operations Specialist
  • Rob Coburn: Electrician, Technician
  • Travis Elwood: CMSD 82 – Carpenter
  • John Sambo: CMSD – Electrician
  • Frank Genereux: CMSD 82 –Carpenter
  • Kevin Seaton: Airport, Operations Specialist
  • Brandon Wiebe: Airport, Operations Specialist
  • Nick Willmot: WSI – Plumber

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