Prepare for Your Exams

General tips

You’ll need to study. You will have course materials supplied by your instructors. If you are not currently in a technical training program, the bookstore at your nearest training provider is a great resource. Call or visit and ask what resources apprentices are using and if you can purchase them.

You’ll find a list of training providers for your trade here:

  • Select your trade
  • Select "Training Providers"

Also check out the program outline for your trade. There is often a list of Recommended Resources that may help with your studies.

Preparing for Red Seal exams

The Red Seal website is a great place to start. Visit their Red Seal Examinations page for links to their Exam Preparation Guide and links to exam breakdowns and practice questions for your trade. Look for the National Occupational Analysis (NOA) section for your trade.

The Alberta Apprenticeship Board also has Red Seal practice exams for some trades…although you may have to search through their website. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Trades & Occupations on the Home Page
  • Choose your trade
  • Scroll to Resource Materials at the very bottom
  • If there is a practice exam for your trade, you’ll see “IP Practice Examination” and “Answer Key”

ITA has practice exams for seven Red Seal Trades:

IMPORTANT:  Before applying for a BC Training Tax credit please check the eligibility requirements.  If you have any questions contact ITA to identify any possible tax credit implications.