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Illegal drug-related overdoses and deaths are a serious concern across the country.  In British Columbia, public health officials, front-line health providers, first responders, the BC Coroners Service and law enforcement are taking a comprehensive approach to address this crisis and prevent future tragedies.

The data is clear: opioid overdoses do not discriminate. With multiple populations in all corners of the province at risk, the response to this crisis must be comprehensive; everyone in the province has a role to play.

Find Treatment & Support Services Across BC 

Click to a map that lists all mental health and substance use services provided by the provincial government, provincial health authorities, and non-profit agencies across British Columbia. Search for supports in your community such as: Intake, Substance Use/Drug Use Services, Counselling, Mental Health supports, Crisis Intervention, Talklines, or even Peer-to-Peer support.

Combatting Stigma Across B.C.

Health authorities around the province are working to reduce stigma and helping to prevent overdoses by highlighting stories about the impact of negative stereotypes. Find out more about reducing stigma

Other Mental Health Resources