Eligibility & Supports

There is a big demand for skilled tradespeople in British Columbia. Many trades are experiencing a shortage of trained workers, and more tradespeople are retiring each year. This means that there are excellent opportunities for immigrants who are interested in building a career in the trades and finding well-paid work that values your skills. The Industry Training Authority (ITA) is supporting B.C.’s immigrants in finding rewarding careers in the trades, with a range of programs and initiatives designed to help them find their path to success. The program will be of assistance to those who have been trained internationally or to those immigrants who wish to pursue a career in trades and build on their successes from previous learning and/or work experience.

The ITA Immigrants in Trades Training initiative is designed to help immigrants to overcome specific financial, cultural and other challenges they may experience in establishing a trades career.

Depending on your individual needs, you may receive tuition funding, free work gear such as clothes, tools and equipment, and funding for childcare and transportation costs. You may be enrolled in English courses and safety courses as needed. And you will benefit from career counselling, hands-on training and introductions to employers.

Unemployed and employed but low-skilled immigrants of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome to apply, whether they are new immigrants to B.C. or have been living here for years. Immigrants with existing trades skills may be able to advance to trades employment opportunities faster.

For more information about the Immigrants in Trades Training initiative, please download our fact sheets.

If you are currently unemployed or employed but low-skilled, you may qualify for this new initiative. Find out more about more about initiative training programs in your area. If you do not qualify, we may also be able to connect you to other ITA programs and initiatives to help you build a career in the trades. Information about trades training is available by contacting the ITA at 778-328-8700 (Lower Mainland), 1-866-660-6011 (Toll Free in B.C.), or e-mail info@immigrantsintrades.ca.

Find out more about the trades opportunities open to you, and find your path to success!