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Secondary School Apprenticeship
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You may be eligible for an SSA scholarship if you:
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Are registered with ITA as a youth apprentice.
Have a Grade 12 Dogwood Diploma or Adult Dogwood Diploma.
Have successfully completed SSA 11A, 11B, 12A and 12B.
Maintained a C+ average or better in your Grade 12 courses.
Reported 900+ hours to ITA by Dec 31 of the school year in which you turn 19.
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Get a head start on the work-based training for an apprenticeship program while you’re still in high school. As an SSA student, you’ll “earn while you learn” and graduate from the SSA program with 16 high-school credits and 480 work-based training hours that count towards your trade credential.

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A joint initiative between ITA and the B.C. Ministry of Education, SSA lets students get started on the work-based training component of a trade apprenticeship while they are still in high school. Students who find a sponsor employer and register with ITA as a youth apprentice can earn 16 credits towards their high-school diploma and 480 hours towards their trade credential.

Your school district or board authority can apply for annual funding for an SSA coordinator.

Questions regarding Secondary School Apprenticeship scholarship can be directed to Tony Arthurs at the Ministry of Education at 250-213-7540 or

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