Open Door Group

Open Door Group is a not-for-profit organization that operates on the fundamental belief that all individuals have the ability to succeed. The ITA funds the Women in Trades Training Program with Open Door Group where eligible women receive hands-on instructions on how to use the latest hand tools, power tools and other equipment used in today’s construction and woodworking industry. See program description below.
Phone: 1-866-377-3670
Location: Vancouver
Service Region(s): Lower Mainland/Southwest

Women in Trades Program

The Women in the Trades in Vancouver integrates Job Readiness Training with Industry and Trades Training. The program is a ten (10) to twelve (12) week intervention comprised of group based life and employability skills services, including sessions focused on trades math and other essential skills, hands-on technical skills development in the shop and a practicum placement with a third party employer partner, culminating in job placement supports and/or continuation into Foundation training.  
The first eight (8) weeks of the program engage the participants in job readiness training integrated with technical skills development in the shop. The program utilizes the Wood Employee Readiness Curriculum (WERC) as an enhancement to this training.
The last three (3) weeks cover the practicum placement and the last week(1) affords the participants the opportunity to debrief and focus on next steps.