Insulator (Heat and Frost)

Insulators (Heat and Frost) work with different kinds of insulating materials to prevent or reduce the passage of heat, cold, vapour, moisture, sound or fire. They read and interpret drawings and specifications to determine insulation requirements, select the amount and type of insulation to be installed, and measure and cut insulating materials to the required dimensions. They then apply, install, repair and maintain insulating materials to mechanical systems, such as piping, tanks, vessels, and HVAC systems. Insulated surfaces may be finished with materials such as plastics, aluminum, galvanized steel and coated steel, stainless steel, canvas, mastics or finishing cement. Insulators (Heat and Frost) also lay out and fabricate components on-site, or remove and/or encapsulate old insulation. Removing materials such as asbestos, ceramic fibers and lead is also part of the trade. Insulators (Heat and Frost) also spray insulating materials and install fireproofing and fire stop systems. Insulators (Heat and Frost) work in commercial and indusrial settings, such as gas plants, refineries, hospitals, schools, and convention centres. 

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