Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic) (Wall and Ceiling Installer)

A “Wall and Ceiling Installer” performs job layout using blueprints, and installs, handles, erects and applies materials that are component parts in the construction of ceilings and walls. Wall and Ceiling Installers install support frameworks for ceiling systems, interior and exterior walls, build interior partitions and install drywall and other sheathing on walls and ceilings. They also install curtain walls, fire and sound systems, acoustical installations, access flooring, demountable partitions, shielded walls, and apply building envelope technologies. Wall and Ceiling Installers were previously designated as Lathers or Interior Systems Mechanics in BC.

Record Book

Program Updates:

Program Changes

  • September 2018: The new program is in effect
  • August 2018: For information about the Transition Plan, please see the Program Update
  • July 2018: For details of changes to the program, please refer to OPSN 2018 015

Standardized Level Exams

  • August 2021: Development and validation of Standardized Level Exam(s) (SLEs) for Level 2 of this program has been impacted by Covid-19. Implementation of affected SLEs will be announced by Official Program Standards Notification (OPSN). Please see the Program Update for details.
  • New Level 1: exam launched November 2019, see OPSN 2019 018 for details and Exam Weighting Chart

Program Information

The documents below offer detailed information specific to this program.

  • Program Profile
  • Describes the requirements for apprentices and challengers to earn certification
  • Download(PDF 182.8 KB)
  • Program Outline
  • Guidelines for delivery of technical training at ITA Recognized Training Providers
  • Download(PDF 805.86 KB)
  • Interprovincial (IP) Exam Table
  • List of tasks that will be tested and number of questions on each task
  • Download(PDF 40.22 KB)

Challenge Certification/Recognize Prior Experience

If you have significant work experience in a trade but have never been certified in Canada, you may apply to challenge the certification.


If you sponsor apprentices but have never been certified in Canada, you may request to supervise and sign-off apprentices when they are ready to be certified. Please refer to the application form on whether this trade qualifies.

  • Instructions
  • How to Apply
  • Download(PDF 264.47 KB)
  • Application Form
  • Personal information and exams scheduling information (for challenge option)
  • Download(PDF 178.62 KB)
  • Employer Declaration
  • Document of relevant work experience
  • Download(PDF 228.76 KB)
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Attestation for self-employment/work experience when employer cannot be contacted
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