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Record Books

The record book is an easy-to-use tool to help you identify your trades training needs, track your progress, and move towards certification.

In your record book, you can keep track of:

  • knowledge and skills you need at each level, including school and work-based training
  • technical training marks and completion dates
  • requirements for completing your apprenticeship and earning your Certificate of Qualification
  • your certifications and endorsements

By tracking your competencies in each level of your apprenticeship, you can use your record book to identify areas that will help you progress to the next level and discuss your training needs with your employer and instructors.

This a guide for you, so you don’t send it to ITA. Take it with you to school and to your job and check off skills as you learn them.

Available Record Books
Download the record book for your trade below. You can print it and fill it out the hard copy or download the fillable version onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Not seeing a record book for your trade? Email and let us know which other record books you’d like to see.