Day of Action Against Anti-Asian Racism

ITA stands in solidarity with our Asian colleagues, partners, and members of the trades community and endorse the Day of Action Against Anti-Asian Racism.

We collectively condemn the violent targeting and scapegoating of people of Asian descent across the country, which has been increasing throughout the pandemic.

We continue to apply the equity, diversity, and inclusion lens to everything we do. We believe that championing change starts from within and we have taken steps to learn as an organization and create space for conversations amongst our team. We are committed to implementing changes within the organization and industry.

All forms of racism are unacceptable. On this Day of Action and beyond, we must work together to make our communities safer and welcoming for everyone. 


Resilience BC

Resilience BC is an anti-racism network that connects communities while providing tools, resources, and incident reporting guides. Learn more.

Project 1907

Project 1907 is a grassroots initiative drawing on history and lived experiences to advocate for racial inclusion and justice. Their resources page provides a comprehensive list of articles, videos, tools, and more.

Racial Segregation of Asian Canadians

Anti-Asian sentiments are not new in Canada. This article documents the history and background of Canadian Asian segregation. Read the article.

Virtual Events

Want to learn more? Here are some of the upcoming virtual events related to standing up against anti-Asian racism:

May 10 National Day to End Anti-Asian Racism E Rally by Stand With Asians Coalition (SWAC)

May 20 Let's Talk: Panel Discussion Webinar by Act2End Racism/ACCT

May 20 Addressing anti-Asian racism in the workplace by Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI)

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