Kirmac Collision - Coquitlam

I think it's important to have apprentices in the business, they are the future, they are going to help your growth. We want to be able to help support our communities and give young people a chance to grow with us and in their communities.

Kirmac was founded in 1973 by Ian McIntosh. Two years later, Ian opened a 10,000 square foot shop in Coquitlam, BC, initially repairing large trucks.  Kirmac purchased the largest spray booth in Western Canada and implemented an assembly line mentality to repairing trucks.  Soon after, Kirmac switched from trucks to cars and the rest is history!

Today they sponsor dozens of apprentices and continually certify Journeypersons. We had the chance to speak with Mark & Sean McIntosh about their program and how it benefits not only their business but their community as well.

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