Meet Your Advisor: Helen Poss

Helen Poss says tradespeople use their brains, hearts, and muscles to build, fix and make everything in our lives better.

Apprenticeship Advisors provide regional support to apprentices and employer sponsors. They help build knowledge and awareness of the B.C. apprenticeship system and provide guidance to apprentices and sponsors on processes and policies related to the apprenticeship journey and challenger pathway.

Here's a Q&A with Helen Poss, Apprenticeship Advisor for Kamloops and the Interior.

What is your trades background/experience? 

I’ve worked with tradespeople in employment-related services since 2010. This includes employment services, older workers, trades counselling, finding employment for new apprentices, including women, Indigenous and other equity-seeking groups, and assisting people with navigating the trades training system.

How long have you been with ITA? 

Five years.

What do you enjoy most about working at ITA? 

I enjoy serving apprentices and employers directly and helping them to navigate the paperwork.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

Recharging my batteries with reading, watching movies, and going to the gym.

What would you like people to know about the trades? 

Tradespeople work hard and find great satisfaction from what they do—they build, fix, and make everything in our lives better. They get to use their brains, hearts, and muscles every day and are compensated well for what they do.

What advice would you give to people interested in becoming an apprentice?

Speak with employers directly. Work first if you can, and then do the apprenticeship training. This way, you will get paid to find out if you like the work.

If you have questions about apprenticeship in Kamloops or the Interior, email Helen Poss.

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Do you know an apprentice or employer champion?

The Champions of Apprenticeship are recognized for their outstanding achievements in BC apprenticeship system. These Champions are celebrated for their hard work in creating certified tradesworkers, supporting their industry and promoting apprenticeship. Do you know an outstanding employer sponsor or apprentice? Send us an email and nominate them to become a Champion of Apprenticeship!