Nasrin Ali Takes a Leap of Faith

This month, we are celebrating Asian Heritage Month in Canada! Nasrin Ali is an Indo-Fijian Canadian Electrical Apprentice who hopes for increased representation in the trades.

Something that Nasrin Ali is most proud of is her decision to take a leap of faith and join the skilled trades despite her fears and doubts.

“I've always wanted to try a skilled trade but was reluctant for years until a work colleague and family members encouraged me to pursue this new venture. After much thought and hesitation, I finally changed career paths and jumped into Construction Electrician.”

As a Level 3 Electrical apprentice in the construction industry, she gets excited about starting projects and seeing them through, as well as challenging herself mentally and physically every day at work. Nasrin is grateful that the skilled trades have increased her confidence in herself and her abilities.

“I started off being very shy and hesitant, but the people I've worked with have been incredibly supportive and helped lift my confidence.”

As an Indo-Fijian woman who was born and raised in Canada, Nasrin is very proud of her heritage.

“Being an Indo-Fijian woman, I’ve never seen or heard of any tradeswomen that looked like me,” she says. “Times are changing, and representation is more important than ever. I hope more Indo-Fijian women and girls are encouraged and supported in being part of the trades.”

Particularly during Asian Heritage Month, it’s important to Nasrin to acknowledge the accomplishments of those who have carved out the paths that allow her to have the freedoms and opportunities she has today. Nasrin hopes her experience inspires others to pursue skilled trades careers.

“It's hard work, but satisfying. Try out a trades exploration program and find a mentor to see if a trade would be a good fit.”

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