When the going gets tough

Evan Dyck loves a challenge, but when he faced some challenges in becoming a Red Seal electrician, he turned to ITA for help and support.

Evan Dyck loves a challenge. The challenge, for example, of figuring out how to make certain situations work, which is why he enjoys being an electrician. The path to becoming a Red Seal electrician was a challenge all unto itself for Evan.

“I have a learning disability, and it makes it hard to do school and take tests,” said Evan. “I did my first year of schooling, and I failed, and then I didn’t go back.”

For the next six years, Evan focused on work-based training instead. Some of the projects he contributed to include a few grocery stores in the Fraser Valley, apartment buildings and hotels, and the Agricultural Centre of Excellence at the University of the Fraser Valley. 

In 2018, he’d gained enough work-based hours and decided to challenge the electrician certification. When a tradesperson has significant work experience in a trade but has never been certified in Canada, they can apply to challenge the certification and write the exam. 

But Evan thought it would be impossible to pass the exam with his learning challenges. His dad, Rudy Dyck—also an electrician and president of Powerpoint Electrical Contractors—connected with Michelle Anderlini, Manager, Apprenticeship Completions at Industry Training Authority (ITA) to see what supports were available to help Evan overcome his learning barriers.

Michelle met with Evan and Rudy and started building a training plan. They talked about tools and study strategies that would help Evan and highlighted electrical topic areas and competencies that Evan needed to work on before he wrote the exam.

Michelle also talked to Evan about his stressors and what he needed to alleviate any anxiety. The Completions and Assessments teams at ITA worked together to put supports in place for Evan, such as sessions to review tips to reduce stress and arranging a designated person to read the exam questions to him.  

“ITA really helped me by understanding my situation, accommodating my needs, and working with me to get through the exam process,” said Evan. 

“Evan was driven and followed his training plan,” said Michelle. “We may have helped him with study strategies, but it was his determination and hard work that got him to where he is.” 

“I’m so proud that I got my Red Seal—it’s so exciting,” said Evan, whose dad is his biggest inspiration. “All the hard work that he has put into his company in the past and present makes me want to work my hardest. I would love the challenge of running a company one day. I would love to make my dad proud.”

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