Whistler Cooks

We did not get here without somebody else training us. It's just necessary in our beliefs to continue our art form and industry. Apprenticeship gives us more long term employees who want to stay and progress their careers.

Dustin Harkness started his apprenticeship in High School as a youth apprentices and has now worked his way up to Executive Chef with Whistler Cooks. He is now at the point where he is training his own apprentices! Listen to what Dustin has to say about apprenticeship and why it was a big part of his successful career.

Whistler Cooks Fine Foods was established in 1999 by founders Grant and Hilarie Cousar in Whistler, British Columbia. They built a catering company that harnessed their zest for life in the mountains and love of Whistler’s character to become the spirit behind their delicious food.

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The Champions of Apprenticeship are recognized for their outstanding achievements in BC apprenticeship system. These Champions are celebrated for their hard work in creating certified tradesworkers, supporting their industry and promoting apprenticeship. Do you know an outstanding employer sponsor or apprentice? Send us an email and nominate them to become a Champion of Apprenticeship!