Funding Eligibility

CJF Eligibility

The ITA Women in Trades Training initiative is open to women of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels.

The WITT program might be right for you if you are a woman who is:

1. Unemployed and have not collected or been eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) over the past three years (or five years for receipt of maternity/parental benefits); or

2. Employed individuals working equal to or less than 20 hours per week, in which case, an individual is considered Unemployed. An individual who is working for no wages (i.e. volunteering) is not considered employed.

All CJF eligible participants must also meet the following requirements:

  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Living in BC
  • Not a full-time post-secondary student
  • Not a high school student
  • Not participating in another Canada-British Columbia Job Fund Agreement-funded program

For more information on eligibility for the Women in Trades Training initiative contact:
Phone: 1-866-660-6011