Youth Career Planning

If you already know the field that interests you and the trade you want to pursue, you're well on your way.

But if you're not sure what you want to do after high school, think about the things that interest you.  Do you want to travel and work outdoors? There are trades that offer these opportunities. Do you like working with your hands? Are you creative? Do you like to build or fix things? There might be a trade that is right for you.

Apprenticeships in most trades usually take about four years to complete. You'll be paid while you're learning in the workplace and when you finish your apprenticeship you'll be certified for a skill that is in high demand.

Talk to your high school career counselor or contact ITA to see how to get started. You might be able to register as a Secondary School Apprentice (SSA) and you could be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship. If you already have a job in a trade-related area, you might get credit for the work you're doing.

If you don't know which trade you want to pursue, check out the list of apprenticeable trades available in B.C.  Some of these are Red Seal trades. With a Red Seal credential your skills will be recognized anywhere in Canada.